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Eastern Oklahoma Dental Care

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Eastern Oklahoma Dental care is a dental facility knowledgeable in providing clinically verified dental care in a welcoming and relaxed environment. We are known for providing the best cosmetic and family dentists who has the experience and skills to contribute to the educational standards of the dental sector while upholding the level of proficiency in attending the needs of the patients with oakparkfinancial – guaranteed loan approval.

We are known to provide affordable family dental care services and cater to the needs and choices of our patients. We collaborate with the progress of the procedure in the best way with the patient to ensure your dental procedures exceed all expectations and effectively diagnose the problem. We ensure quality in services and work to serve our patients with the best consultations iconvert media.

Meet Our Doctors

Rebecca A. Wyatt


Dr. Rebecca Wyatt Graduated from Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus.

Eric W. A. Wyatt


Dr. Eric Wyatt moved from Joplin, Missouri to Sacramento, California at the age of 16.

Our doctors welcome the patients while offering reasonable and civilized care to the clients. From the minute a patient walks in for a dental procedure to the day of the final sitting at our facility, we make sure that your leave with an attractive smile. Our care and welcoming attitude is the reason why we are considered as a trustworthy choice for cosmetic and family dentists for the families in Oklahoma.

At Eastern Oklahoma dental care, we are looking forward to providing the best oral health care. Our professional team of dentists is devoted to serving the patients with attention so they can attain and preserve a cheerful, bright, and vigorous smile. Our team tends to the nervousness of the individuals regarding the visits and provide affordable family dental care. For more information visit us here content from paydaychampion.com

At Eastern Oklahoma dental care, we make sure to make appointments according to the time that is most suitable for your schedule. Apart from that, we make sure to reply and cater to any query which can inform and satisfy the patients about our services and skills. Our cosmetic and family dentists are skilled and informed of the dental procedures and have the ability to provide excellent quality services to the patients.

We uphold the dentist’s oath and work to provide affordable family dental care services. Our quality of services is setting the standards for fantastic dental care for generations to come.

We Accept Most Dental Insurance.

For your convenience, We accept most dental insurance plans.